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Your business depends on fast wireless service to ensure your employees are working at peak productivity, so why not upgrade your wireless network?


We utilize Cloud-based Future Proof Wireless Technology. Some features include...

  • Multigigabit ethernet to pass up to 5Gbps of traffic over a single ethernet cable.
  • Wifi 5 and Wifi 6 wireless techology
  • Automatic RF Optimization - Never worry about conjested air traffic again
  • SD-WAN, vLAN and Traffic Shaping protocols
  • Load-balancing and redundant connections built in
  • Indoor and Outdoor wireless equipment available

Why should I choose your Managed Wireless Services?

A vast majority of our customers are rapidly adopting a mobile-centric technology deployment which includes providing their employees with a laptop, mobile phone or a tablet. This allows their employee to work any where, any time. Your employees can utilize the comfortable couch in the lounge or a phone booth to work comfortably and quietly without needing to worry about slow speeds. We can install, support and monitor your wireless network to ensure there is 100% uptime and speeds are fast so your employees can focus on work.

How can TekHattan help determine if I need to upgrade my wireless equipment?

  • Hassle-free, no obligation network inspection and test
  • Free 30 trial of our equipment
  • We'll scan your current office to determine the best placement for your wireless equipment
  • Eliminate dead-zones with adaptave wireless technology
  • Stratigic consultation of new or existing installation

Call us today to setup an appointment and have one of our highly skilled Networking Professionals come to your place of business. We will analyze your current network situation and recommend a solution built for the future.

Tech support – Computer technicianContact us now for short term or long term IT Services.

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