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If hackers can gain unauthorized network access to some of the biggest retail, health and banking companies in the country, how easy do you think they can access your network?


Our Cloud-Managed Firewall and Security services include

  • Intrution Protection
  • Content Filtering
  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Auto VPN Connectivity
  • High Avability and Failover services
  • Application Visibilty and Control
  • Hourly Threat Scanning
  • USB Port Protection
  • Device Encryption and Location Services
  • File and Email threat scanning and filtering
  • And much more

Why should I consider Cloud-Managed Security Services from TekHattan?

The internet landscape is changing rapidly, which requires your technology to keep up. Every company has a weak link and that is your employee. Millions of phishing scams, ransomware and and crypto viruses are downloaded, emailed and accessed every single day. Unsuspecting victims might not even know they've been affected. That is why it's important to utilize future-proof technology in your business. Starting with a firewall which will protect the first entry point for your network. Then, we'll protect your employee's devices with our Managed Security Protection software which scans their devices 12 times a day, every single day. Our firewalls protect our customers ranging from small Mom-and-Pop Butcher Shops to Advertising and Hospitality businesses. Our Managed Security software is installed on each and every laptop, desktop, server and mobile device our customers use. Regardless of the Operating System or Internet connection you use, your technology is protected by our Managed Security Services.

How does our Managed Security Services work?

  • We install a Cloud-Managed firewall on your network and monitor it 24/7/365
  • We install our Award-Winning Endpoint Security Software on each and every device that your company uses
  • Our Endpoint Security Software updates every 4 hours, every single day.
  • Our Endpoint Security Software scans devices every two hours
  • We filter your email client installed on any device automatically and inform the user of any potential harmful threats detected.
  • We protect your devices by disabling or monitoring other devices plugged into the USB of a laptop, desktop or server by immediately scanning it.
  • We filter and monitor known and potentially unknown phishing and untrusted websites.

Call us today so we can discuss our Managed Security Services and ensure your devices are protected from any time of virus, cryptoware, ransomware, or phishing scam. Your employee is the first link in the chain and we can strengthen it.