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TekHattan offers Managed IT Services throughout the USA. Our team employs several technologies including TekWatch, TekCloud, TekDesk, and RapidTek to manage your technology.

TekHattan has been in the business since 2013, starting in New York. Our team has three office locations in New York, New Jersey, and San Francisco. We can provide IT Managed Services to business clients across the US with our remote technicians and network of on-site technicians. Our team will be able to effectively monitor, manage, and transform your technology so you can focus on growing your business.

Included with TekHattan Managed IT Services:

Managed IT Services Platform: TekWatch

  • Real Time Hardware Monitoring
  • Managed Security Protection
  • Operating System Updates
  • Remote Support Access for Technicians

TekWatch is the Managed IT Service platform that allows our technicians to efficiently manage your network. TekWatch features real time monitoring to check disk space usage along with CPU and RAM utilization. If any of the computer resources go over a specified benchmark, our technicians are notified. Perhaps the most important part of TekWatch is the integrated security protection. Managed security protection software is installed and monitored by TekWatch to keep your network devices secure.

IT Managed Services for the Cloud: TekCloud

  • Cloud Storage Management and Administration
  • Email Account Management and Administration
  • Cloud Backup and Management
  • Cloud Expansion and Consulting for Managed Clients

The cloud has become a major part of running any business. Our team will administer and manage all your cloud services. This includes files sharing systems such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Additionally, TekHattan will manage all email accounts for your employees. The TekCloud systems also includes our managed backup service. TekCloud can backup all your files locally and in the cloud. The best part of the TekCloud backup solution is being monitored by TekWatch so we know your backups are always running as they should. Our team can also consult with your team or help you expand to the cloud and ensure you are using the proper cloud solution for your business.

Managed Services Provider Helpdesk: TekDesk

  • 24/7 USA Based Support Available
  • 15 Minute Response Time for Urgent Issues
  • Instant Remote Connection available with TekWatch Service
  • Remote Support Labor Included in Monthly Service Charges

All of our IT Managed Services clients enjoy our TekDesk service. TekDesk gives your employees a centralized location for support requests. For most support requests our team is ready to assist your employees within 15 minutes. Our TekDesk team also takes care of all TekWatch alerts to ensure your systems are running properly. The best part about TekDesk support is that all remote support is included in your monthly fee. This provides predictability around your Managed IT Services which allows you to run your business while we deal with the technology headaches.

Our Help Desk Services are also available without our managed services

On-Site Managed IT Services: RapidTek

  • Emergency On-Site IT Support within 2 hours
  • Routine On-Site Tech Service Available
  • On-Site Hours Included with Managed IT Services (No additional charges)
  • Senior Technician to Work with on Long Term Goals

RapidTek – When your network, or even a computer is offline, this creates a big headache and causes lost productivity in any business. RapidTek includes emergency and routine on-site IT services offered by TekHattan. For our managed clients, an on-site technician will be dispatched within two hours for IT emergencies. We have a formula to provide a certain number of on-site hours each month at no charge. Most of our clients schedule a once weekly or monthly on-site visit to check in on the staff. The remaining on-site hours can be used for emergency IT support or routine projects. Finally, RapidTek also includes a senior technician who will work with your organization on long term goals. The senior technician will visit your office on a regular basis and will get to know your team on a personal level.

Hopefully after reading this page, you have become more familiar with how TekHattan has been able to succeed as a Managed Service Provider. If you are interested in becoming a client, give us a call today at (212) 255-7499. We look forward to working with you.

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