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We Offer Managed IT Services for Growing Businesses

Sick of IT problems? Without constant technology headaches imagine how well your business could run. TekHattan started in 2013 and we take care of businesses of all types and sizes. Through our proactive monitoring and quick response times, our business is taking care of yours. We will take care of your business cloud, computers, servers, and employees so you don't need to. At TekHattan, we understand that your time would be better spent working on your business instead of trying to get that computer to turn back on. With TekHattan Managed IT Services you can get back to running your business while we monitor your technology. Not sure if you're ready for Managed Services yet? Check out our blog post on how you can tell when it's time to hire a Managed IT Service company

TekHattan Managed IT Service Features:

IT Support Services

Managed Workstations

As a Managed Service Provider, TekHattan proactively monitors and manages your workstations. This ensures that not only are your workstations running properly, but that they are protected as well.

IT Support Services

Cloud Service Management

As part of our Managed IT Services, TekHattan will manage your cloud subscriptions. TekHattan is your single point of contact for all cloud service management.

IT Support Services

Managed Servers

Servers should not be forgotten. The server, if you have one, is the lifeblood of an organizations IT setup. TekHattan will provide operating system patches, managed anti-virus protection, and constant monitoring of performance.

IT Support Services

Network Management

In an ever more connected world, the Internet is a big part of any business workflow. As part of our IT Managed Services, TekHattan will manage your office network.

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Fully Managed : $70/mo/employee
Semi Managed : $35/mo/employee
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