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TekHattan has been in business since 2013, and in that time we have helped hundreds of businesses work through their IT issues. In this article, we will discuss our Manhattan Tech Support offerings that can help your business. Our core service offerings include Managed IT Services, our help desk services, special event support, and on-call tech support.

Manhattan Tech Support: Managed IT Services

Most small businesses do not have their own internal IT staff. This usually is due to the cost involved with maintaining an experienced full time tech team. The truth is most small businesses do not need a full time IT staff. Some businesses wonder when it is time to hire a Managed IT Service company. That is a topic we’ve covered in this blog post

A Managed Service Provider such as TekHattan can help bridge the gap and ensure all technology is running properly. Additionally, contracting a competent Managed Service Provider will ensure that all devices on the network are properly secured and updated.

With TekHattan’s Managed IT Services, we are able to connect to a machine without the need for the user to download additional programs. Support is a phone call, email, or ticket in our portal away. 

TekHattan’s Managed clients are offered these services at a flat fee, per employee or workstation. This means that you will not need to worry about an unexpected bill whenever you request service remotely. 

The goal of Managed IT Services is to cut back on support requests and instead offer services proactively. TekHattan is able to monitor each workstation and server on your network to ensure it is operating properly. Our team will push updates, monitor performance, and detect issues before they arise. This all takes place on our TekWatch platform.

To learn more about our Managed IT Services, see our IT Managed Services page

Manhattan Tech Support: Help Desk Services

Help Desk Services are typically offered and included in a managed service plan. However, TekHattan also offers our help desk services for other types of clients. Other clients that benefit from our outsourced help desk services include creative marketing companies that allow us to assist with their special engagements and corporations that are looking for streamlined support.

Regardless of the size of your company, or how often support will be needed, TekHattan has a help desk solution that will work for you. Our help desk is available 24/7/365 when needed. Outsourcing your company’s help desk will save money, and offer an optimal experience for your employees or clients. Our help desk services are offered to clients in Manhattan and across the world.

Service level agreements are custom tailored for each client. This means that depending on your budget, we can have a technician available to assist immediately when a ticket is submitted by phone or email. In most cases, downtime means lost revenue or unhappy clients, and TekHattan’s help desk aims to limit this. 

For larger accounts, white labeling is also a possibility. By white labeling our help desk, you can offer clients a seamless support experience while also reducing costs. Our white label clients are offered a custom support phone number, with a professional voice recording of your company. 

Our technicians are exposed to a vast range of technology. Additionally, our technicians are trained and documentation is created for all setups that we are supporting. That ensures a seamless experience whenever our services are called upon. 

Check out our help desk services page for more information

Manhattan Tech Support: Special Events

New York is called the big apple for a reason. There are many thousands of businesses based in, and conducting commerce in New York City. One aspect of the tech support business that TekHattan has excelled in since our founding is special events.

Our technicians have been deployed throughout the world to manage technology at events. Whether you need support for a few days, or a few months, our team can assist. Special engagements will each receive an account manager to work with to ensure all tech needs are met. Some special events are also a good fit for our help desk services, as mentioned above and that is also something TekHattan can help with. 

Many events have deployments around the country. Although it is a possibility to hire a tech support company locally for each deployment, it typically makes more sense to have one company manage the IT for all events. We have offices in New York, New Jersey, and San Francisco. Additionally, our technicians are able to travel across the world wherever your event may take place.

Our team is also well equipped to deliver temporary networking solutions for special events. We will handle everything from the Cat5 cabling to dealing with the ISP. Additionally, TekHattan uses only state of the art Cisco Meraki networking gear. This will make sure your event goes without a hitch or downtime. Our networking services are also offered to businesses planning an office move. 

Contact us today to learn more about our tech support available for Special Events

Tech Support Manhattan: On-Call IT Help

There are thousands of companies that have satellite offices in Manhattan. While many of these companies have an internal tech team, this is usually not the case for the satellite branches. 

TekHattan helps bridge the gap between your off-site internal IT staff and your satellite office team. Whether your main office is based in the USA or overseas, TekHattan can help. 

Our clients who contract our service on an on-call basis typically enjoy a 2 hour service level agreement for on-site service. If remote support is included as part of our arrangement, this is usually offered with a 15 minute SLA. 

Our on-call tech services are custom tailored. Get in touch with an account manager today to discuss details.

Wrapping Up: Manhattan Tech Solutions

TekHattan is a managed service provider with operations all across the USA. Our main office is based in New York, so most of our resources are located in New York City

Our team can help your business succeed with our Managed IT Service offerings, help desk solutions, special event support, and on-call tech help. Give us a call today so we can discuss details and hit the ground running.