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TekHattan started in 2013 as a basic NYC IT Support provider. Since that time, we have evolved and now offer a wide range of Tech Services to our clients all over the world. The point of this post is to highlight some of our services available to businesses across NYC. Below, we will cover our IT Managed Services, Service Desk Solutions, Special Event Services, On-Call Support, and IT Consulting in NYC.

NYC IT Support: IT Managed Services

Most of our clients do not have a dedicated internal tech team. Instead, they rely on TekHattan to take a proactive approach when it comes to their technology.

As a Managed IT Services provider, TekHattan is able to monitor every server and workstation within your office to ensure they are running properly. This allows us to get ahead of most computer issues that may arise. Rest assured, remote support is available at no extra charge when needed. In fact, our IT Support team is typically available within 15 minutes for our managed clients.

Our proactive managed services allow us to push Windows updates, run periodic disk cleanups, and check the CPU/RAM/Disk status to detect any potential problems. In fact, most of the time we will know in advance of an impending hard drive failure. This allows us to swap out the drive before any downtime occurs.

With the current state of technology, security concerns top the priority list of most businesses. With TekHattan’s Managed IT Services, we are able to monitor the security of each covered workstation and server in real time. This means that if for some reason a virus infects a machine, we can act on it immediately to prevent any long term damage.

The point of our IT Managed Service offerings is to be proactive instead of reactive. This means that your team will suffer less downtime as a result of tech issues. Of course, not every issue will be caught before hand, but if our team can prevent most issues we have succeeded.

Our managed clients benefit from dedicated SLA’s as well. Meaning if there is an emergency IT issues within your office, a technician will be there within two hours. All managed tech clients also receive a senior technician to work with and meet the long term goals of a business client.

You can learn more about our IT Managed Services here

IT Support NYC: Special Event Tech Help

New York has over 8 million people living in it, with thousands of businesses. This makes the city that never sleeps an ideal place to host special events. Of course, all of these events will need Internet for the attendees and may have complex technical systems that need to be supported.

Our team of techs have worked across the world supporting special events. Not only can our team cover the basics such as Internet setup and support, but we can work with specialized applications and software as well. Every special engagement has different needs. If you are having a special event in the city, it is best to reach out to an account manager to make a plan today.

Most events that we support not only have engagements in the New York Area, but in other parts across the world as well. Our team is willing and able to travel to each event location across the world for your business. This makes any special engagement easier for your team. Under this scenario, your team would have one dedicated account manager working on your project instead of working with teams scattered throughout the world and training each one.

Perhaps the best part of hiring TekHattan for your special engagement is our networking expertise. Events in this age are complex and high tech. With all the tablets, phones, and other devices that may need to connect to the network, your event needs a solid networking infrastructure. By hiring TekHattan, there is no need to purchase all of this equipment. We would setup the network equipment for you for one flat rate. Read more on our networking services here.

New York IT Support: Service Desk Solutions

Every business needs a dedicated help desk that is ready to help. For most small businesses, an in-house service desk is not on the budget. TekHattan has the resources to setup a help desk for your business.

Most of our small business clients have the resources of the TekHattan help desk already at their disposal. We have help desk solutions available for businesses that are not subscribed to our managed services also available.

Like our other services, the help desk needs for each of our clients differ. Depending on your needs, we can setup a phone number and email address specifically for your business. This ensures a great experience for your clients. Whitelabeling is also a possibility with TekHattan’s outsourced help desk.

All TekHattan service desk staff is based out of our office in Newark, NJ. Every time one of your clients or employees call for support, they will be speaking with an American. Our help desk solutions are affordable and scalable.

Check out our help desk service page for more information.

NY IT Support: On-Call IT Technicians

Another service offered to TekHattan clients is our on-call IT Support Service. This solution is best for businesses with little help needs or satellite offices with multiple locations.

Under this arrangement, there would be a monthly minimum required. However, in exchange your team would receive a dedicated SLA and account manager. Weekly on-site visits are typically included in our on-call IT service. This establishes a rapport between our technicians and your team. If you are a white label client, our technicians are able to professionally represent your company.

TekHattan understands that your business cannot afford downtime. Your employees need to be working whenever possible.

Our SLA would ensure that a technician is dispatched to your office within 2 hours for any emergency IT issue. Technicians would be available remotely within 15 minutes if remote support is part of your package.

As stated earlier in the post, tech needs are different for every client. The best way to get started is to have a conversation with an account manager.

Our on-call tech services are custom tailored. Get in touch with an account manager today to discuss details.

Wrapping Up: New York IT Support

TekHattan is a company specializing in technical support across the world. Of course, New York was the city in which we started and where most of our clients are located.

Dealing with all types of software and hardware every day, our technicians are well versed in many aspects of technology. TekHattan treats each client differently, meaning that every business has unique needs.

We can custom tailor a Managed IT Support package for your company. We also have On-Call Tech Support services available. The TekHattan help desk is scalable and a great solution for your employees and clients. Finally, our experience with special events and projects is unmatched. Our team is able to deploy across the world to meet the needs of your business. Give us a call today. We look forward to the possibility of working together.