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Your computers are considered a high-risk target depending on what type of services you offer. With our TekWatch service, you can protect your entire system from cyber threats and keep them completely updated without even having to lift a finger. Our system automatically monitors the health of your computer and if it suspects something is wrong, it alerts us right away.

Computer Health

You need your computers running as quickly as possible. There is absolutely no room for downtime. If you pair our TekWatch service with our VIP program, you’ll receive on-site support as well. So when something might go wrong, we can be there within two hours to fix it.

Network Security

Is your network secure? Do you have self-installed wireless internet? Let us do a Security Assessment to see where vulnerabilities are and get them patched up before it’s too late.


Do you really think they had only one copy of the Declaration of Independence? Why not ensure your data is backed up to ensure you are able to recover data if the enevitable happens. We provide on-site, offsite and cloud backup solutions custom built to your needs.

A few ways TekHattan can help:

  • Phone Systems
  • Networking design and installation
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Wireless Technology Solutions
  • Firewall and Virus Protection
  • Computer Repair and Replacement
  • Technology monitoring and support

Give a call today to see how we can help ensure your technology is future proof.

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