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From preschool to an undergraduate education institute, you will have issues with your technology. Why not simply give us a call instead of trying to fix it yourself? With our TekWatch service, our system automatically fixes issues without you even having to know about it. If the problem is more serious, let us call you first instead of finding out a computer is dead during your important testing season or worse. We monitor your systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Adult Content Filtering

Kids are going to be kids, and they will try to see things they shouldn’t see. We can protect your network against adult or other content that you do not approve.

Virus Protection

While researching a project that is due in a week, your student or teacher might click on a wrong link and then your entire network could become infected. It just takes one wrong click and your entire infrastructure could go down rendering your technology useless. We use leading security protection that protects your computer in Real-Time. No need to worry about a slipup: our system won’t even allow that to happen.

Technology Upgrades

Looking to upgrade your technology? Allow us to consult on the entire process. From concept to execution, we’ll be able to outfit your institution with the latest and greatest technology necessary to meet your expectations.

Remote Help-Desk Support

Already have an on-site tech team? Even if you already have an on-site technology team, let us assist that team in completing major or minor projects that will take up too much of their time. We can assist from quick questions to upgrading network technology and more.

A few ways TekHattan can help:

  • Phone Systems
  • Networking design and installation
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Wireless Technology Solutions
  • Firewall and Virus Protection
  • Computer Repair and Replacement
  • Technology monitoring and support

Give a call today to see how we can help ensure your technology is future proof.

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