WD Blue vs. Black vs. Purple & Red – Which HDD to Purchase


WD Blue vs. Black vs. Purple & Red – Which HDD to Purchase

WD Black Vs Blue Vs Red

A lot of our business clients often ask which type of hard drive they should buy. To be honest, most of our clients allow us to make these technical decisions for them. We decided to share some of our knowledge with the world. 

When it comes to which type of drive is best, that depends on the intended use. First, when it comes to HDD’s Western Digital is one of the best brands on the market. In our experience, these drives tend to see a low failure rate.

 Additionally, The team at TekHattan is in the habit of deploying Western Digital HDD’s due to their reliability. Of course, reliability depends on how the drive is deployed. For instance, it would not be wise to deploy a Western Digital Blue drive in a file share or server. 

Before we give you the breakdown of WD Blue vs. Black vs. Purple & Red, we first need to question if an HDD is the best drive for you. With the technology available in SSD’s, that may be a better option.

For most basic PC tasks, and for normal file storage, an HDD is the best value. However, if a user will be doing video rendering, gaming, or vigorous file reading/writing, an SSD is likely the better choice. Check out our article on SSD vs HDD here

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