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Data backup & data recovery services in New York

Data Backup and Data Recovery

Make sure you save the data that is important to you

Unexpected things happen. This is why it is important to make sure you are backing up your files from your hard drive to another source. Hard drives fail, you never expect it, but when it happens it is a very sad event. It doesn’t always have to be bad. Whether you haven’t had a hard drive failure or data loss, or you are on this page because you lost some data, TekHattan is here to help.

We offer the following data backup and recovery services:
  • Hard Drive backup
  • Cloud Storage (Automatic backups)
  • Data Recovery from a failed or non-functioning drive
  • Data Recovery from a system that needs to be reformated
  • Data encryption
  • Data transfer from one machine to another

We will work diligently to recover your lost files or make sure you do not lose them. We can send a tech out to your residence same or next day. Give us a call for more information, (855) 444-6414.

We offer support for Businesses. Big or Small